Streamlining product data creation for e-commerce

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The Product Data and Content Implementation team at s.Oliver was looking to replace its existing DAM system and also wanted to re-engineer the existing content creation processes for its e-commerce business.

DAM Stress Test

DAM Stress Test Evaluierung Performance

The number of software platforms that either have digital asset management as their core competency or have DAM built in as a “feature” is growing every year. How do you know if a software solution labeled “DAM” is really a DAM system?

DAM – What is it?

What is DAM?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) systems are software solutions that enable organizations to intelligently organize, manage, enrich and distribute digital media assets

10 DAM benefits for your organization

10 DAM benefits organization

Apart from being able to search, find and retrieve content assets more efficiently a digital asset management system adds additional value to your organization’s processes. Here is a list of examples that show how your team can benefit from a DAM.

Unlocking the Potential of Enterprise DAM

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In today’s fast-paced global business landscape, complex entities like internationally operating companies face multifaceted challenges. Their corporate success hinges on sophisticated business processes that demand efficient management and strategic navigation. Enterprise DAM solutions hold the key to unlocking the true potential of these global players.

Self-service portal for marketing teams

The larger the organization, the more complicated and inefficient it can be to securely distribute marketing assets to internal departments or external partners and regional marketing teams. Without clearly defined processes and the right tools, managing asset requests and tracking distributed assets while keeping an eye on image rights becomes very time consuming and error prone.

Access your DAM assets from a local filesystem

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IO Integration Inc (now Bluprint X), a US based technology company, specialised in integrating DAM solutions had started to develop a synchronisation engine for DAM systems based on a customer request. The concept had a lot of potential but was not ready to go to market at the time.

Brand Experts on DAM

Frontify’s three-part webinar series provides insights on current trends and real-world examples of the digital asset management (DAM) market.

DAM at the center of your content strategy

DAM as a content platform is at the core of the marketing technology stack (PIM, CMS, MRM, or e-commerce platforms) and provides mission-critical functionality that ensures companies successfully navigate the new normal.