dampioneers partners and strategic alliances

Partners and strategic alliances


To the DAM community

We thrive on serving international clients and embrace a network of like-minded consultancy partners. Here are two of our key partners


PIMvendors is a highly experienced consulting firm specializing in Product Information Management (PIM) solutions. Their team expertly guides businesses in optimizing product processes, selecting suitable PIM tools from various options, and ensuring consistent branding across multiple channels. With over two decades of industry experience, they streamline the PIM selection process, reducing the time from RFP to implementation and providing valuable insights through custom tools and expert advice. Their commitment to excellence makes them a trusted partner in enhancing workflow efficiency and achieving optimal results.

Frédéric Sanuy is a 25-year veteran of the information technology industry, with expertise in digital asset management (DAM), product information management (PIM), and content management systems (CMS). He advises clients, technology project managers on digital strategy, technology business cases and vendors, mainly in France. He is the owner of ACTIVO Consulting which offers a wide range of services to clients (brands, retailers, agencies, corporates). Providing digital solutions strategy from RFP, vendor selection criteria analysis, requirements analysis, metadata and workflow strategies and end-to-end implementation project management.

IQ Equity was formed in 2012 by Mark Davey, stalwart DAM industry veteran with 20+ years of experience and expertise in content marketing, digital strategy, and DAM consultancy. As a consultancy IQ Equity have worked with a broad spectrum of clients, from Museums and Heritage to Multinational Retail and FMCG, delivering expert advice and strategy, and guiding clients to make well-informed software decisions and successfully carry out enterprise-wide transformations.

IQ Equity have condensed their knowledge and experience into a unique product, the Codified DAM Consultant™, a database which utilises extensive industry data to deliver detailed information on vendors and provides the tools necessary to develop an end-to-end DAM Strategy.

Timo’s professionalism was intrinsic to project realisation, demonstrating an expert understanding of a competitive market.

Prepress Manager, Walter Digital