About dampioneers

Timo Faber, owner and founder of dampioneers has been working in creative operations and the DAM industry for almost 20 years. Over the years Timo worked with many Fortune 500 clients, integration partners and software vendors worldwide where he gained a profound understanding of the DAM marketplace.

Timo worked as Product Manager for the Xinet (and later Northplains) solution, one of the leading DAM vendors, where he was responsible for the global product strategy. As a Senior Consultant and Business Analyst, Timo worked very closely with clients to run various IT projects in the DACH region, starting from project planning, budgeting, implementation and software development.

Timo has an engineering background, expert technical and analytical knowledge and has repeatedly advised clients such as global advertising agency networks, retailers, and brands in matters of creative workflow engineering and digital asset management.

With in-depth knowledge of the market, years of experience in technical aspects of creative operations, project management and software engineering, Timo Faber is at your service as a knowledgeable, experienced partner in all aspects of Digital Asset Management.


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